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Hey moms,

I have put together a blog for the moms (families) of lds missionaries serving in the Washington Seattle Mission. I want to invite you all to visit this blog often. Please feel free to post pictures, updates and fun information about your missionaries or the area they are serving in . We can use this as an addition to the email list and really get a closeness with the families of all of the missionaries serving in Seattle. I would love to have any suggestions you may have to increase the effectiveness and usability of this site. Thanks all..

Monday, January 3, 2011

Surprise from a member...

Last night I opened my email to find a message entitled "We love your son".

Well, of course that got my attention.  When I opened it up - this photo greeted me.  Such a nice feeling to see evidence of my son working as a missionary.  It looks like they were sharing a short lesson or activity with this member's family who had invited them to dinner.

Elders Rasmussen (from Parowan, UT) and Petersen (from South Jordan, UT)
sharing a message after dinner at a member's home

I heard from him today - and he mentioned that the missionaries had to be in by 7:00 on New Year's Eve. The work has been much slower (which is understandable, with the holidays being so busy for most people) - but he's optimistic that will change as the new year rolls on.


Washigton Seattle Mission said...

How fun Anne!! That is one of the best emotional boosts, when you have a member tell us that our kids are doing great work and how much they love them. I am so grateful for the ones who make the extra effort to let us know. I received a card in the mail during the Christmas season from an elderly woman in the ward who said she loved my son and his visits with her. She said she is teaching him calligraphy and how much she looks forward to the missionary visits!!

Who knew he would ever have the patience or desire to learn calligraphy..haha:0 I guess a mission changes them more than we know:)


appetersen said...

How sweet that she has "adopted" your son. I know my son misses his grandmother almost more than me - and I think elderly people help them realize how the Gospel refines us as we age. Glad he is doing so well... Maybe you had better have her teach him how to do calligraphy on his letters home (at least the ADDRESS part)