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Hey moms,

I have put together a blog for the moms (families) of lds missionaries serving in the Washington Seattle Mission. I want to invite you all to visit this blog often. Please feel free to post pictures, updates and fun information about your missionaries or the area they are serving in . We can use this as an addition to the email list and really get a closeness with the families of all of the missionaries serving in Seattle. I would love to have any suggestions you may have to increase the effectiveness and usability of this site. Thanks all..

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thanks Nancy!!

Hey missionary moms,
For those of you not on the email list, I wanted to post an email that was sent from Nancy who lives in the Seattle Mission and is always on the lookout for our missionaries. She has been amazing about updating every time she sees or visits with them. Thank you Nancy!!! She wrote the following:

For the Seattle moms:

We had stake conference this weekend and heard the Larkins speak. They are
such down-to-earth people and just wonderful. They both spoke at our adult
session on Saturday, and then there was a youth fireside Sunday afternoon
where they were the speakers. She told the story that she told at our last
conference - about a girl who lived down the street from them and wanted to
be a part of the fun she had at her house with the YW. He spoke about
missionary work and had fun games where the kids were to stand if they had
been preparing for a year, 2 years, etc. About 5 kids were still standing
when he asked if they had been preparing their whole lives. He found one
young man who was a convert of 3 years and had him share his testimony. The
interesting thing about President Larkin is that his voice is booming when
he first gets up to speak. I can imagine the stake president was almost
scrambling for the volume control for the mic when he started his remarks.
But when he's talking about something sacred, his voice is almost a whisper.
What a great couple they are.

The elders and sister arrived at our stake center about an hour before the
conference started. They mingled with people they knew from their wards.
As people were filing in, they stood at the doorway like a color guard to
greet people. It was an awesome sight. I saw Elder Suder again, but didn't
get a chance to shake his hand this time. I should have written down the
names, but if your missionary is serving in the Puyallup stake, they were
probably there. It was an awesome conference from beginning to end.

Nancy in Bonney Lake, WA - Puyallup stake and Seattle mission

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