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Hey moms,

I have put together a blog for the moms (families) of lds missionaries serving in the Washington Seattle Mission. I want to invite you all to visit this blog often. Please feel free to post pictures, updates and fun information about your missionaries or the area they are serving in . We can use this as an addition to the email list and really get a closeness with the families of all of the missionaries serving in Seattle. I would love to have any suggestions you may have to increase the effectiveness and usability of this site. Thanks all..

Friday, March 4, 2011

A note from Sister Graves

Sister Petersen,
I can give you some clarification on a couple of your pictures. The church building is the building your son and Elder Rasmussen serve in. The mission office is also in the same building.We've been told that SLC was not very excited with this building when it was built. I have to admit the first day we say it I couldn't believe it was an LDS building. It's long and rambling.Bellevue is a very wealthy area and the members donated lots of money to have it done the way they wanted.For anyone working in the primary..you would love the nursery. It has large floor to ceiling storage cabinets and an enclosed outdoor patio with riding toys. It's the largest nursery I've ever seen.The mountain behind Elder Petersen is Mount Rainier. It's magnificent to see on a clear day. It almost seems to be floating amid the clouds.The weather has been a bit chilly and rainy the past few weeks but we do see lots of sun. My husband and I are from NC and I was worried about the lack of sunshine so I have kept a calendar noting the amounts of sunshine we have each day and I have been amazed. It's beautiful here and the people are warm and friendly.
Sister Graves
Mission Office

Sister Howell,

Your son and Elder Flickinger are wonderful Zone Leaders. They serve together in the Bellevue South Stake and are over 16 missionaries.Zone Leaders carry a lot of responsibility but do it in such a humble way. My husband is the vehicle coordinator and just saw them both at the Zone Leader Council at the mission home this morning.
Sister Graves
Mission Office

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appetersen said...

Sister Graves;

Thanks for letting me know the background on the chapel & the Bellevue area. Gives me some perspective on the photos. I think I remember speaking with you when I had a few questions prior to Elder Petersen arriving just before Christmas. You were great to share information. I'm sure all the missionaries love you and your husband. Thanks for all you do...