Washington Seattle Mission

Hey moms,

I have put together a blog for the moms (families) of lds missionaries serving in the Washington Seattle Mission. I want to invite you all to visit this blog often. Please feel free to post pictures, updates and fun information about your missionaries or the area they are serving in . We can use this as an addition to the email list and really get a closeness with the families of all of the missionaries serving in Seattle. I would love to have any suggestions you may have to increase the effectiveness and usability of this site. Thanks all..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Transfers Again!!

Transfers are here again! I have not heard from Elder Suder yet, but would love to hear about your missionaries. It is exciting to see who goes where and if our missionaries cross paths. Let us know when you hear from your son/daughter!!

Happy email day!!!!


Stefanie said...

Elder Ellis and VandenAkker are still companions...neither got transferred. He said only 2 out of 18 companions in their zone got moved around.

Julie said...

Our son just received his call to Seattle--YEAH! He is so excited. His name is Treyson Lewis and he is from Gilbert, Arizona. He reports to the MTC June 22nd. This is our first missionary so give me the scoop! Anything you can tell me that helps us get him ready and prepared would be great!

Julie Lewis

Kristi S. said...

How exciting for you and your family!! Of course, I think that the Washington Seattle Mission is the best mission ever! I hope you will find that to be true with your son. I did not get an email address from you, but I would love to talk to you and connect you with other moms with missionaries serving in the Washington area. They have given me so much support and love as we still miss our son very much. Please don't hesitate to email me and we can talk "mission stuff". May the Lord bless you and your family and you prepare your son for a wonderful journey!!
Talk soon!
Kristi Suder