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Hey moms,

I have put together a blog for the moms (families) of lds missionaries serving in the Washington Seattle Mission. I want to invite you all to visit this blog often. Please feel free to post pictures, updates and fun information about your missionaries or the area they are serving in . We can use this as an addition to the email list and really get a closeness with the families of all of the missionaries serving in Seattle. I would love to have any suggestions you may have to increase the effectiveness and usability of this site. Thanks all..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Transfer News...

Elder Ellis and VandenAkker are still companions...neither got transferred. He said only 2 out of 18 companions in their zone got moved around.

Stefanie Ellis

Elder Suder was transferred to another ward in the same stake! After nine months in the same ward/area he was sad to leave. He was so grateful to the wonderful families and leaders in the Surprise Lake ward, but ready to go wherever the Lord would like him to serve. He has a new companion Elder Smith. Seems like they are going to be great companions. I look forward to hearing all about it!

Hope transfers went well for all your amazing missionaries!! Look forward to hearing where they are and who they are with:)
Kristi Suder


Stephanie said...

Hello! Just found your blog. Thanks for doing this. My son has been serving in Seattle for 6 months nows. I was at testimony meeting listening to a mom who was meeting with a group called moms of Florida missionaries and decided to see if there was such a thing in Seattle. Thanks for the blog your sons and daughters all look like they are doing well. Much appreciation, Stephanie

Eileen said...

My son Judd [Workman] is serving in the Bellevue area. How do you go about "signing in" to post photos and info?

Thanks to whoever started this blog.

I have a blog for my son, and so does Elder Aiken's mom. We could link any and all personal blogs on the sidebar.